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Heritage Centre & Adam Smith Close

Adam Smith Heritage Centre

1 Adam Smith Close



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Adam Smith Global Foundation acquired the derelict building in 2013, which was located near the foot of what would have been the Smiths’ garden, beside Adam Smith Close, which contains a timeline in stone slabs related to key moments in Smith’s life. This Category C-listed building was impressively renovated over two phases, endeavouring to retain the fabric features of the structure from its earliest existence. The upper floor has been utilised as office accommodation, while the ground floor was designated as the Adam Smith Exhibition. This space contains information panels which relate the life story of Adam Smith from pre-birth to his death and his legacy beyond, as well as facsimiles of correspondence between Smith and his contemporaries and a small collection of 18th-century artefacts. The Heritage Centre  with the Adam Smith Exhibition is open to the public at certain times and is one of the locations on the Adam Smith Heritage Trail.

The intention is to enhance the exhibition in the future by including a range of new features, such as augmented and virtual reality, and creating an opening to allow direct access to the adjacent garden space.


Adam Smith Close & Timeline

Kirkcaldy's Adam Smith Close dates from medieval times and sits adjacent to the site of Adam Smith's House and Heritage Centre. The Adam Smith Close, typical of many Scottish narrow vennels, provides access to the Waterfront from the High Street, where Smith would often have walked. The historical timeline, which runs the length of the Close, features illuminated stones marking significant events in Smith's life. The stones are hand carved in traditional Caithness stone and lead visitors through Smith's life to our Heritage Centre. 

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